Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last Day and Sweet Sangha: Week 57 at the Zen Center

Today was my last official day at the Zen Center. I had a fun going away party last night, an old-fashioned ice cream social. Everyone got all hopped up on sugar, including Blanche (though, I specifically purchased saltless peanuts for her). It was a very nice time. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Kathryn set her iPod up and entertained us with her singing while Daigan and Renee did a little bit of swing dancing. It was, well - sweet. I woke up this morning a stressball. I was worried that people weren't going to be available to help me move my stuff. Silly me. Heather rented a car, and fifteen minutes before we were scheduled to start moving stuff, I found Romi, the fukutan (tenzo's assistant) waiting for me by my room.

"Come on, Caren, once we get started, people will join in."

Within moments, there was a string of zen students streaming down the back stairs, carrying all of my worldly possessions. Special thanks to Issho, a guest priest from Japan, who jumped right on it the moment he saw Romi and I carrying bags. Special shout-outs also to Chris, Heather, and Juan who joined me all the way across the bay and continued that string of zen students UP to my new place. Also, many thanks to Myoki and her hubby, Tania, Jay, Rose, David, and Steven! And Cristina, a former ZC resident, who met us at my new place - just in time to join us for a burger at Barney's! Words really can't express my gratitude. Here's the note I left in the hallway:

And here's me in my new place:

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